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(Tommy)>> You're watching Powernation!

(Tommy)>> Today on Detroit Muscle we pay it forward and rescue someone's dream car that has become a bit of a nightmare. Plus, we head to Las Vegas and call on some new friends who don't bluff about the good hand they've been dealt. [ Music ] [ engines revving ] [ Music ]

(Joel)>> Hey guys, our pride and joy, Road Burner, is almost finished and we cannot wait to stretch it out on the highway.

(Tommy)>> There's just something special about getting out on the open road, listening to the tunes from the tail pipes. It just seems to melt the stress away. The goals for this ride was to build something fun and cool.

(Joel)>> When you're dealing with muscle from the late '60's that task is not hard to do. We're gonna hold off on ours for now and go help out a friend rescue another piece of Detroit Muscle.

(Tommy)>> You a fan of Camaros?

(Joel)>> Always have been. I grew up a GM man. So, I was no stranger to Camaros. My old man had a '67 Rally Sport SS back in the day. Big block four speed car.

(Tommy)>> One thing I really do like about these RockAuto Driveway Rescues is it's a pretty cool way to give back. I'm just an average Joe with a cool job, and I don't mind getting my hands dirty. And doing something like this is just one of those opportunities to pay it forward in a way.

(Joel)>> Absolutely! I know in my time I've had plenty of guys come over to my house and help me tinker with a few things. Just from what you told me it sounds like this guy has made family his number one priority, and the car is a priority it's just not number one.

(Tommy)>> That's what's kinda neat about this thing. He's got so much with so little in a way.

(Joel)>> Sounds like this guy just loves getting in this thing and going for a spin. If we can help him get that thing back on road and let him enjoy it a little bit.

(Tommy)>> What's the point in having a car you want to drive if you can't drive it?

(Mike)>> To me this car, the experience is driving it, riding in it. There's nothing else that I can get into and ride and it feels like this old car. The way it steers, the way it handles, the way it drives. I can't really explain it I just enjoy it. A lot of these newer cars today basically drive their self. I mean this is an old car. You feel the bumps. You've got to drive it. To me that's part of having fun, is having the car. It's the experience of it. My dad likes riding in it. I kinda got the love for the cars from him. He had a couple of these when I was a kid, and we had one that actually set in the back yard for a while. It set out back and I can remember coming in from school and get chores done or whatever, and I'd drag race that car and everything else in my mind sitting in there. It only had one seat and a steering wheel, and I drove many a miles in that thing. Even though it had not motor or nothing, I was just a kid with big imagination and dreams.

(Tommy)>> Is this the prettiest car, nope. Is this an efficient car, not exactly, but it does what it was made to do. That is put a smile on the face of the person in the driver's seat. She's a peach! It's probably a blessing sometimes cars can't talk.

(Mike)>> For sure. This one would probably scream help!

(Tommy)>> It's something to be said to even still have this old car.

(Mike)>> I was married, had a kid on the way, and it was probably the last thing in the world that I needed to buy but I knew I wasn't gonna get that opportunity again. I went to the bank, borrowed a little money, and made some payments on something.

(Tommy)>> Sometimes people get focused on materialistic things of new wheels, fancy motor, shiny paint. Whenever you just step back and get a little more humble you can still have one of these old cars to rip around in.

(Mike)>> It's not a bad old car. Floor pans and all are pretty solid for as old of a car as it is. It's got a few spots here and there, and it's got some body damage. How many people would just like to have one of them cars? Where you gonna go out and pick one up at? I get to crank it up and drive it ever now then, and that's pretty good.

(Tommy)>> We asked Mike what is the first thing that he wanted to do when he gets his car fixed, and if he has any goals for it?

(Mike)>> Just drive it again. I miss it, I miss it. I've had the car for a long time. It would be nice to body work it to perfection, get all the gaps nice. Then you've got something you've just got to keep clean and baby. It would be nice, I'd like to have that, right now I just enjoy driving the car. I've had it so long it's like part of my life. I kept it where a lot of people have had their old cars they always wanted. There's been time I could have sold it, or could have used the money, but just something I've always wanted and I just don't see giving it up.

(Joel)>> Up next, we perform a highly guarded gear swap to help make some dreams come true.

[ Music ]

(Joel)>> Mike put a lot of trust in me and Tommy to rehab his '67 Camaro. He has a lot of memories in that car and wants to keep it around long enough to make some more. [ Music ] If we can lift his spirits by reviving his ride he's going to be flying high once again.

(Tommy)>> Mike told us he was just cruising down the road when this thing grenaded. We had to go prospecting but only found misfortune. In this situation you don't want to find treasure because everything that glitters is not gold. [ drill humming ] [ Music ] [ saw buzzing ]

(Tommy)>> Mike mentioned to us that one of the things that he always wanted to do was swap out his 2.73 airplane gears for something a bit lower, and how much cooler it'd be to be able to leave a pair of twin black marks on the pavement with a pos unit. So that's exactly what we're gonna do. We're gonna make this repair and do some upgrades. [ Music ] [ drill humming ] [ Music ] [ drill humming ] [ Music ]

(Tommy)>> Yahtzee! [ Music ]

(Joel)>> These old first gen Camaros were renowned back in the day for their excessive wheel hop. Now it appears at some point somebody had done what I like to call a homemade traction aid by adding an extra rail and their version of a clamp. We're gonna go ahead and ditch these old pieces of scrap iron and replace them with these brand new multi packs that we got from RockAuto. Not only are they significantly stronger than what came on the car, but they also bolt right into place. [ Music ]

(Tommy)>> It's just the new guy. [ Music ]

(Joel)>> Let's see what we got here. [ Music ] Whoa! [ Music ] Woo, heck yeah! Got our new pos unit.

(Tommy)>> Making a repair like this intimidates a lot of people. [ Music ] It requires precision instruments to dial it in to where it needs to be. So, I completely understand why Mike was reluctant to tackle this on his own. [ Music ] With a few performance goodies from RockAuto we got this piece of Detroit Muscle back on the road. [ tires squealing ]

(Tommy)>> Nice to see you sir.

(Mike)>> You too man.

(Tommy)>> Well what we wound up doing is going ahead and adding a pos unit in the back, and we did swap the gear ratio to something a little bit deeper.

(Joel)>> We also put new rear shocks in the back. These multi pack leaf springs, new hangers, new bushings.

(Mike)>> It's probably a world of difference. Everything under there was original to the car.

(Tommy)>> So what's the first thing you want to do?

(Mike)>> I want to drive it.

(Tommy)>> Keys are in it. I'm gonna let you drive it. I don't want to ride with you.

(Mike)>> You don't want to test the pos out?

(Tommy)>> Nah, I'm sure you will buddy!

(Mike)>> Yes sir! [ engine starting ]

(Joel)>> Grow up so fast, don't they? [ Music ] [ engine revving ] [ Music ]

(Mike)>> As I got older dad always told me I like the old cars, and turning wrenches, and stuff. He's like, you'll have fun in one of them cars with a four speed. He's like, ain't nothing like it. It's a good Saturday morning stress reliever when I wake up and everybody else is still in the bed. I need some me time. It's nice to just crank it up, and it being a four speed just run through the gears and blow off some stress. [ Music ] Sometimes you just need a few minutes to yourself. Fire up the old car and just run down the road. It's a whole lot more fun if you keep your foot to the floor and never let off the gas and you make it through all four. You don't even have to really. Just enough to lift the front end. Just clutch it and shifting gear is fun. It's enough to lay you in the seat. Just feels like an old muscle car should.

(Tommy)>> Told you not to get the big one man.

(Joel)>> I hear Mike coming. [ engine rumbling ]

(Joel)>> Look at the smile on that face. [ engine rumbling ]

(Tommy)>> You got a smile on your face.

(Mike)>> Y'all give this old girl just what she needed. I appreciate it a lot.

(Tommy)>> So you think you're gonna drive it any time soon?

(Mike)>> Every chance I get.

(Tommy)>> Well I guess we gonna let you get at it.

(Mike)>> Well I appreciate it. I guess I'm gonna go finish these tires off. You guys done a good job.

(Tommy)>> I guess we'll see. Send us some pics of them tires.

(Mike)>> Alright, thank you.

(Tommy)>> See you buddy!

(Joel)>> Later Mike!

(Tommy)>> I don't think he was lying.

(Joel)>> On to the next one huh?

(Tommy)>> Coming up, we go all in to find an ace in the hole that could deal you a winning hand.

(Joel)>> People come from around the world to try their luck in Las Vegas. The strip is flush with dreams of that elusive roll of the dice, or high hand that will make you rich. We met some driven folks at the Matco Tool Expo who say they've already hit the jackpot. For a lot of people, the thing that means the most to them is family.

(Tommy)>> Often times you may think of husband, wife, children, and so on, but with Matco you may have a lot more kinfolk than you realize.

(Joel)>> Brandon tell me kinda how you got started into Matco, and like from your roots to where you are today.

(Brandon)>> A big fan of the show. I used to watch you guys always promoted the Matco Tools. I was a truck driver doing l-t-l, and I was hauling toolboxes to what was going to become my district manager, and I caught him at home one day and got signed up the same day.

(Joel)>> Your son actually helped you out on the truck every once in a while?

(Brandon)>> Both my kids do. My son and daughter, I give them a tool to show for the day, and go sell this for me, and tell them the features and benefits, and the people in the shops they just love having them there. They engage with them, and it builds great social skills for them too. Family life is key. You get to do that, and you get to do things that we wouldn't have normally done if we weren't doing this.

(Joel)>> You're telling me your son brags about you being a Matco man. It gives him a sense of pride, and probably gives you a sense of pride to know that he's proud of you.

(Brandon)>> He wears the shirts to school. Brags to his friends. It's a cool career. Working for yourself is just the best. The harder you work the more you're gonna get, like everything in life, and when you're doing it for yourself it doesn't seem like more work.

(Tommy)>> There are a few positive words that people use to describe themselves. Talking the talk is one thing, walking the walk is a whole other story.

(Sheila)>> Matco has allowed me to make my own destination basically. I've been in Matco Tools for seven years. The quality of the tools and all that speaks for itself. So, you don't really have to work at the job because it really sells itself.

(Tommy)>> What does it take to own, operate, and be successful?

(Sheila)>> It takes patience, and it takes the perseverance to get out there and know that you're gonna be changing somebody's life or day with the tools they get. You've got an excitement about getting out there and doing that stuff every day, and you know you're doing it for yourself. When my customers text me or call me, and they're so appreciative of that new tool that I just showed them how to use, or that they got from me, and how it saved them so much time, and the knowledge that they got from me. That is what I appreciate doing and helping them out with.

(Tommy)>> Because that type of thing, that doesn't just stop there cause that one tool can make their day, or their week, or however. Doing the mechanical side of stuff is hard work, but having a product that eases that stress. It has to put a smile on your face.

(Sheila)>> Yes it does. I would say that it's exciting because every day is different. You've got something exciting that you can look forward to when you go out there and see those customers every day.

(Tommy)>> Boom!

(Joel)>> No matter what you're working on Matco provides everything you need to get the job done.

(Shea)>> We pride ourselves on trying to have the best tool for the job. We have a lot of new and innovative stuff coming out every year. We like to listen to our customers, and even with the products that I do sell them if they have an issue with it and they're unsatisfied with it I don't want them to stay that way cause they're not gonna want to continue purchasing from me. By being able to get them the tools that they need to get the job done they're able to make the money to help provide for their family. I see it as a full circle thing.

(Tommy)>> If someone that was wanting to go down the path what kind of advice would you give them?

(Shea)>> For becoming a tool guy? Do it as soon as possible. I looked into it prior, and for whatever reasons at hand at the time I decided against it and stayed a technician. I was a master technician at a Ford dealership in my area. One of the tool truck guys came to me and said I can make more money selling a wrench than spinning a wrench.

(Tommy)>> Sounds like a win, win!

(Shea)>> It really was.

(Tommy)>> As you know, being a technician, that kinda can play a toll on your body. There's a lot of wear and tear of getting up and down and bending over stuff all the time.

(Shea)>> Just in the short time of me being in it for 13 years but growing up doing it and having fun doing, and then it being my profession I was already starting to see issues from wrenching and knowing that I had 30 plus more years until retirement I knew this was gonna be a better choice.

(Tommy)>> How is it with your customer? I assume it's kinda like customers and friends, right?

(Shea)>> It is to an extent. There is a little separation because this is a business, but at the end of the day I do want to know about my customers. If I can bond with them more than just selling them a tool it really helps the idea that they're gonna be spending their time as well the hard earned money that they have with me. Knowing that I was a past technician they know that I've been on both sides of the counter. I know exactly what they're dealing with, and I know the labors that they have to go through to get the tools that they want. So being a friend as well as their tool guy, it's very rewarding in a sense.

(Joel)>> Up next, we learn the blueprint for success and how to make it work for years to come.

(Tommy)>> Have you ever heard the old saying, success is where opportunity meets preparation.

(Eddie)>> We're distributors, Matco distributors, father and son. I myself have been doing it a little over 20 years.

(Justin)>> 10 years here.

(Eddie)>> He grew up in the business since he was about 12 years old is when I started. He would come out to the truck and ride with me every now and then. He's been in the business probably as long as I have.

(Justin)>> I know some of his day one customers from 20 years ago when he started, and business has been great.

(Eddie)>> Your opportunity to have some financial freedom really because that's what it did for me. To have freedom in a so to speak way. You're your own boss. So, you ride around and you talk to people. It's a fun thing to do, and everybody's different. You meet all kinds of different people. Yeah, you're selling the Matco name but you're also selling yourself as a person. You have to become that person that everybody wants to buy from. Just relax, have fun with it. I've always been that type of person. I've never been a person to sit there and just be happy with what I have. I always strive for the next goal. It's just one of those deals. You always set goals in life, and you try to meet them. I've been pretty fortunate in life to be able to meet the goal and surpass it every time.

(Justin)>> I feel like we could win the Mega Millions and still go out on a route the next Monday. We're still gonna come out and have fun. This job is fun. Being in Matco's fun.

(Jason)>> Their motto is service, trust, results, and the biggest thing with these distributors. They're building trust with the end user, and a lot of these guys are former mechanics. When they work with a guy and that guy believes in them, he knows he's gonna take care of them. That's what Matco's trying to accomplish is make the end life of the end user as easy as possible so that they can just focus on getting their job done. And being able to trust a guy that he's gonna sell you something that you really need. Those guys on the infomercials, nobody believes that's genuine. When a Matco distributor is genuine, and he's talking to his end user, he says hey you know what, you don't need that. You're a new guy starting out. You probably don't need this yet. This is what I would recommend. He's gonna steer you right.

(Tommy)>> Those dudes are trying to support not only them but they're supporting the family, they're supporting the business they work, and they're even working on the community.

(Jason)>> I've been doing this for over 15 years and met a lot of Matco distributors that organize charity events and involve tools. It's a special thing. It's a good relationship that they have with their customers.

(Tommy)>> How has Matco and the tool side of things been good to you?

(Jason)>> It's given me a job. My favorite time of the year is being able to come here because it's given me an opportunity to speak to these guys and hear how what we're working on has helped them succeed. So, knowing that we're doing something that's working makes you feel good. Makes you feel like you're doing something that had a long, long relationship with them. That's a big deal for them. [ airplane engine whirring ] ( )>> Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking. We will be making our final decent shortly, but we'd like to thank you for flying Powernation Air. [ Music ]

(Joel)>> I'll tell you, those Matco folks sure know how to have a good time.

(Tommy)>> After a trip like that I could definitely use a little r&r.

(Joel)>> We're gonna need all we can get before we get started on that G-body.

(Tommy)>> Well, I think I'm fixing to go soak up something good at home.

(Joel)>> Alright boss, behave yourself.
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