Detroit Muscle Builds

Parts Used In This Episode

Eibach Multi-Pro-R1 Coil-Over Kits
Sway Bars, Front and Rear, Hollow, Steel, Red Powdercoated, Dodge, Kit
The Official Welding and Cutting Supplier of Detroit Muscle, featuring the all-new Rebel 215 Multi-Process Welder
G-Force Engineering
DODGE SRT-8 9" BOLT IN IRS KIT; Fabricated bolt in (no cutting or welding required) 9" housing that bolts up to the factory locations, Heavy duty front mount with BMR bushing, 35 spline high alloy billet steel inner axle stubs (or 31 spline), 1000+hp 31 Spline high alloy billet steel Anti Wheel-hop axles with our severe duty cv 31 spline joints, High alloy billet steel outer axle stubs, 1 piece or 2 piece PST or Dynotech driveshaft depending on application (Aluminum, Carbon fiber or Chrome-Alloy
Threadlocker, 242, Medium-Strength, Blue, 36 ml, Each
Power Stop
Power Stop Performance Calipers Powder-Coated Red
Power Stop
Power Stop Street & Track Brake Kit
Sway Bar Link Kit
Summit Racing
Bolt Removal System, Broken Bolt/Stud, 1/2 in., M14, Kit
The Industrial Depot
The Industrial Depot - Fasteners, Hardware, and Shop Supplies
WD-40 Specialist
WD-40 300004 Specialist Rust Release Penetrant Spray, 11 oz.
Wheel Fit
Wheel Fit Ultimate Master Kit
Workshop Hero
Dry Coat Rust Preventative Liquid
Workshop Hero
Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath