Gear Ratio Calculator

The Gear Ratio Calculator is an essential tool to precisely determine the gear ratio, RPM, tire diameter, or MPH by inputting known values. Understanding and calculating the gear ratio is crucial as it significantly influences your vehicle's acceleration, fuel efficiency, and overall performance.

By utilizing the Gear Ratio Calculator, you can identify the optimal gear configuration tailored to your driving requirements, whether you are racing, towing heavy loads, or simply need an efficient setup for daily driving. Properly calculated gear ratios help strike the perfect balance between power and speed, enhancing both performance and efficiency of the vehicle.

The mathematical formula for calculating the gear ratio involves multiplying the engine RPM by the tire diameter, followed by dividing this product by the result of multiplying the vehicle speed, the constant 336, and the transmission gear ratio. This formula ensures accurate gear ratio calculations, allowing you to make informed decisions about your vehicle's gear setup.

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