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Hard Charger Floor and How to Pinstripe

The Detroit Muscle Crew cuts a rusty old floor out of a '69 Dodge Charger and replace it, then one of Big Daddy Ed Roth's artists puts on a pin-striping class.

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Front Floor Pan - Full OE Style - 66-70 Dodge Plymouth B-Body

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Barn Find Chevelle Payoff
2018 | Episode 03
Marc and Tommy finish up the barn find Chevelle build and take it to a famous road in the Smoky Mountains and find a movie car museum along the way.

Hard Charger Floor and How to Pinstripe
2018 | Episode 02
The Detroit Muscle Crew cuts a rusty old floor out of a '69 Dodge Charger and replace it, then one of Big Daddy Ed Roth's artists puts on a pin-striping class.

Cadillac Donuts and Chevelle Keeps it Cool
2018 | Episode 01
The Detroit Muscle guys take their souped-up Cadillac CTS-V for a spin, then build an air conditioning system from the ground up for their barn find Chevelle.

The Highwayman: Marquis to the Max
Season 3, Episode 08  —  Original Airdate 4/10/2016

The Detroit Muscle guys slam over a 1,000 horsepower into a huge mid-70’s Mercury with a sadistic streak.

The Highwayman: Part II
Season 3, Episode 09  —  Original Airdate 4/24/2016

The Mercury build continues with ignition, exhaust upgrade and fuel system to handle a 1000 horsepower.

The Highwayman: Monster Mercury
Season 3, Episode 12  —  Original Airdate 5/29/2016

Adding an indestructible 9-inch and air suspension to our sleeper 1,080-horse ’72 Marquis Brougham

Iroc and So Can You!
Season 3, Episode 01  —  Original Airdate 1/10/2016

Detroit Muscle Undertakes a mission to squeeze everything that they can out of a tired Iroc Z, while staying on a strict budget.

Low Buck Iroc Interior
Season 3, Episode 02  —  Original Airdate 1/17/2016

The guys squeeze their budget and also do some free fixes to freshen up the budget Iroc’s interior, plus a road-trip test drive of the 2016 Camaro.

IROC Paint Overhaul and Payoff
Season 3, Episode 07  —  Original Airdate 2/21/2016

Learn a low-buck way to rescue faded, nasty paint. Also, the budget IROC goes for a drive.

Project Banana Split - Deadly Doors
Season 2, Episode 01  —  Original Airdate 2/22/2015

Old school sheet metal tricks to convert classic '49 Ford into a custom with suicide doors.

Punch Job
Season 2, Episode 02  —  Original Airdate 1/11/2015

How to convert from manual door handles to electric door poppers and punch custom hood louvers in a vintage Ford.

Custom Headlights & Tail Lamps
Season 2, Episode 04  —  Original Airdate 1/25/2015

Hands on tech on how to graft in '55 Olds lamps, convert to 12v blue dot taillights and french-in license plate

Banana Split: Turn & Stop
Season 2, Episode 08  —  Original Airdate 4/12/2015

Guys convert ancient king pins and drums to spindles and discs to lower and slow down our flathead Ford

Banana Split: Skirts & Paint
Season 2, Episode 09  —  Original Airdate 4/19/2015

Team fabs custom fiberglass bubble skirts and lays down a two-tone paint job on our old school '49 Ford custom

Flatheads Rule
Season 2, Episode 13  —  Original Airdate 5/17/2015

Team transplants hopped up 3-duce flathead into old school custom plus how-to covert from 6 to 12 volt electrics

Skirts, Spinners & Wide Whites
Season 2, Episode 16  —  Original Airdate 7/19/2015

49 custom gets bubble skirts, fresh chrome, Sombrero caps and whitewalls, plus acid-porting cast iron manifolds.

Hot Rod How-to: Interiors
Season 2, Episode 18  —  Original Airdate 8/2/2015

Secrets on fabricating a custom interior and how muscle car sheet metal panels are made and tested

Pain in the Glass
Season 2, Episode 19  —  Original Airdate 9/13/2015

It's tips on how to custom fabricate and fire-cut auto glass, plus tricks on how-to rebuild a manual window assembly.

Resto-Mod Interior
Season 2, Episode 20  —  Original Airdate 9/20/2015

How to upgrade a Mopar interior with performance seats, a custom dash insert, plus secrets on salvaging electrical switches.

Fire In The Hole
Season 2, Episode 21  —  Original Airdate 9/27/2015

We fire up Banana Split and install old school exhaust flame throwers plus how to get your college degree in racing.

Project Ultra Violet: '70 Challenger
Season 1, Episode 20  —  Original Airdate 9/28/2014

It's the start of a brand new project. Detroit Muscle goes on the hunt for their next big build, Project Ultra Violet...a 1970 Challenger. This Mopar is in serious need of a sand blaster! Also they'll go for a spin in one of the most famous Mopars of all time.

Project Ultra Violet: Roof Skin
Season 1, Episode 21  —  Original Airdate 10/5/2014

Team salvages rotted out '70 Challenger with how-to weld in a new metal roof, drip rails and A-pillars.

Project Ultra Violet: Framed
Season 1, Episode 22  —  Original Airdate 10/12/2014

Chassis guru Jeff Schwartz brings in his G-Machine chassis to convert uni-body Challenger to a full frame.

Project Ultra Violet: Body Beautiful
Season 1, Episode 23  —  Original Airdate 10/19/2014

Final Mopar sheet metal tech - how to weld in a new trunk pan and fabricate a front cowl panel from scratch.

Crazy Hemi
Season 2, Episode 03  —  Original Airdate 1/18/2015

Team grafts world's first low deck, all aluminum Hemi and T56 six speed gearbox into '70 Challenger resto-mod.

Rub-a-dub Mini Tub
Season 2, Episode 07  —  Original Airdate 2/15/2015

Step-by-step tech on how-to mini tub a muscle car rear end to create clearance for massive tires

Project: Ultra Violet
Season 2, Episode 12  —  Original Airdate 5/10/2015

Celebrity builder Chris Ryan shows how-to lay down metallic paint and graphics on our very purple Challenger

Challenger Challenges
Season 2, Episode 14  —  Original Airdate 7/5/2015

Resto-mod tech: how to refurbish an expensive grill, insulate a uni-body plus tips on reassembling brightwork.

Mopar Makeovers
Season 2, Episode 17  —  Original Airdate 7/26/2015

Team fabs high flow EFI fuel system, serpentine belt drive and dual fan cooling system for '70 Hemi Challenger

Resto-Mod Interior
Season 2, Episode 20  —  Original Airdate 9/20/2015

How to upgrade a Mopar interior with performance seats, a custom dash insert, plus secrets on salvaging electrical switches.

Ultraviolet Payoff
Season 3, Episode 03  —  Original Airdate 1/24/2016

Project Ultraviolet, the 1970 Challenger Pro Touring ride takes it’s maiden voyage

Sucker Punch Finale & 461 Oldsmobile Motor Build
Season 16, Episode 07  —  Original Airdate 8/11/2012

This time the finale of Project Sucker Punch, HorsePower's Buick Century station wagon being built as the ultimate sleeper machine. A 461 turbocharged Pontiac engine goes in along with race-ready transmission and the works, before a payoff on the street.

Is THIS your Father's Oldsmobile?
Season 7, Episode 02  —  Original Airdate 1/29/2011

Tommy and Rick start a new project, hoping to build it with inspiration from the classic Hurst Edition Oldsmobiles. Also, Year One's Braselton Bash, and the guys do a little paint-mixing wizardry.

Pro Street Dodge Suspension
Season 7, Episode 07  —  Original Airdate 4/21/2012

Rick and Tom get a hankerin' for some suspension work. They unbolt, chop, cut, measure, and install a whole new front and rear suspension set-up for the Dodge Dart, including some Pro help with a back-half kit from one of the leaders in the field. Tommy also hand-fabs a steel Spoiler for the Oldsmobile.

Oldsmobile Rear Bumper Fab and Floor Pans
Season 7, Episode 09  —  Original Airdate 6/16/2012

Tommy shows step-by-step how to do custom metal mods on the Hurst Tribute Oldsmobile's rear bumper, and the guys do engine and tranny mock-up, where they find that some floor modifications have to be made.

Oldsmobile Restomod Returns
Season 8, Episode 02  —  Original Airdate 1/12/2013

Tommy and Mank set to work on the Olds Cutlass Hurst Tribute Restomod by making room for an oversized set of custom wheels and tires. Flashback takes a look at a rare Mopar that was built to take the strip by storm, and Mank shows a $20 fix that can be a serious upgrade for your brakes.

Hurst Olds: Panel Gap Perfection
Season 1, Episode 18  —  Original Airdate 8/3/2014

Long term Hurst Olds project returns for sheet metal tech: how-to create perfect hood, fender and door gaps.

Hurst Olds: Aluminum Air Box
Season 1, Episode 19  —  Original Airdate 8/10/2014

How to fabricate a custom functional aluminum forced-air intake system to feed our LSX 454.

Olds Tank Mods & Glass Etching
Season 8, Episode 03  —  Original Airdate 1/19/2013

The Oldsmobile Restomod Project's fuel tank requires some modification for a serious fuel pump, and the guys show you how to do it. Tommy does some rust repair on a door that is in need of rescue, then Mank and Tommy do some glass etching, with 3 different ways to personalize the glass on your ride.

Custom Firewall and Muscle Car Museum
Season 8, Episode 04  —  Original Airdate 1/26/2013

The guys work on getting a completely custom firewall installed on the 1969 Oldsmobile Hurst Tribute Restomod, with help from car builder Brad Starks. Also, Tommy and Mank take a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains to visit one of the nation's Premiere Muscle Car Museums, where they make some rare finds.

427 Cobra Replica: All Girls Build
Season 1, Episode 13  —  Original Airdate 5/18/2014

Top auto industry females build a replica of the legendary 427 Cobra with a Factory Five Racing Mark lV Roadster kit.

Trans Am Transformation
Season 1, Episode 01  —  Original Airdate 1/5/2014

The guys team up with Butler Performance to build a bulletproof 474 cubic inch pump gas Pontiac stroker.

Trans Am Part 2
Season 1, Episode 02  —  Original Airdate 1/12/2014

The guys team up with Butler Performance to build a bulletproof 574 cubic inch pump gas Pontiac stroker.

Trans Am Part 3 Movie Car Magic
Season 1, Episode 03  —  Original Airdate 1/19/2014

Team upgrades F-body Poncho suspension/brakes and torque converter.

Stout Differential
Season 1, Episode 04  —  Original Airdate 1/26/2014

Team builds a stronger rear end, adds an EFI system and converts from rear drums to discs.

Tough As Nails Trans Am
Season 1, Episode 06  —  Original Airdate 2/9/2014

The team reworks their Pontiac's rear suspension, orders a custom driveshaft and fabricates a set of homemade frame connectors.

Bandit Body Building
Season 1, Episode 08  —  Original Airdate 4/13/2014

How-to restore cracked fiberglass body panels, customize fender scoops and remove decals without paint damage.

Beautiful Black Bird
Season 1, Episode 09  —  Original Airdate 4/20/2014

Guest builder Chris Ryan coats our Tribute Trans Am with ebony paint, then the guys apply the massive gold bird decal.

Interior Creature Comforts
Season 1, Episode 10  —  Original Airdate 4/27/2014

How-to soundproof and refurbish a worn-out interior. Plus the guys show how to make a shaker hood.

Firebird Finale
Season 1, Episode 11  —  Original Airdate 5/4/2014

Big inch Pontiac TA gets tuned on the chassis dyno and how to dial in your alignment without going to a shop.

Detroit Muscle Schedule

Four Eyed Faceoff Part 1
2018 | Episode 04
The Detroit Muscle guys each choose an iconic 80's era car to build for a shootout later in the season. One gets a rendering made, the other goes to a chassis shop.
Saturday 2/24
9:30 AM ET
Hard Charger Metalwork and Sign Painting
2018 | Episode 05
The team digs more rust out of their '69 Dodge charger, this time near the rear window, where they discover a problem along the way. Then sign painting lessons from one of Ed Roth's original Artists.
Sunday 2/25
10:30 AM ET/PT
Hard Charger Floor and How to Pinstripe
2018 | Episode 02
The Detroit Muscle Crew cuts a rusty old floor out of a '69 Dodge Charger and replace it, then one of Big Daddy Ed Roth's artists puts on a pin-striping class.
Saturday 3/3
1:30 AM ET