You Won't Want To Miss Mr. Interior This Week On PowerNation!


Mr. Interior! - 2016 PowerNation Week #9

Katie’s guest this week is one of the best interior guys in the business, Paul Atkins, from Paul Atkins Interiors. Over the years we’ve featured quite a few cars with his gorgeous handcrafted interiors in them on our shows. Plus he brought two Chevy’s he did for owner Ron Pickard; a 1955 pickup and a 1954 Bel Air. Noteworthy, Paul has had 3 of his interiors in cars that won the Ridler Award. You’ll want to hear Paul talk about the art of the interior and how the car itself leads his designs. Plus we’ll have WD-40 Challenge #3 with a new product called Spray & Stay Gel and how to lubricate a parking brake cable. Watch for how you can win $10,000 by entering the WD-40 Specialist Top Challenge and show how you overcome challenges with you cars using WD-40 Specialist products. So check out PowerNation this week and for more info on interiors visit

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