The Top 10 Special Features New Car Buyers Want The Most in 2023

When in the market to buy a new car in 2023, customers have a pre-conceived list of special features they can expect on their upcoming purchase. Some people want lots of high-tech gadgets. Some want a car with proven high safety standards. Others just want a car that is so comfortable that it’s like driving a couch.

However, according to a survey by AutoPacific Insights, most new car buyers are hoping for a healthy mix of tech, safety, and comfort. The research firm asked 11,700 licensed drivers the kinds of special features they look for in a new car. Some of the answers were to be expected, while others may have come as a surprise.

Top 10 Special Features Requested in New Cars

RankFeature% of Participants
1LED Fog Lights48%
2Wireless Device Charging (front row of seats)48%
3Unresponsive Driver Stop Assist43%
4Automatic Power Folding Mirrors41%
5Wireless Device Charging (rear row of seats)40%
6Heated and Ventilated Front Seats38%
7Household 120-Volt Power Outlet37%
9Self-Cleaning Exterior Cameras/Sensors36%
10Driver Profile Settings36%

LED fog lights and a wireless charging device in the front row of seats had both tied for first with 48% of participants requesting these features the most. With almost everyone utilizing their smartphones in their cars with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, it doesn’t come as a surprise to have a wireless charger high on the list. While LED fog lights are also very important for one’s visibility and safety in certain situations, to have it share the top spot with one’s smartphone can certainly be seen as a surprise to some.

Other special features like Unresponsive Driver Stop Assist is likely referring to a function that brings the vehicle to a complete stop on the side of the road with some assistance by A.I. This could also include other entries like Self-Cleaning Exterior Cameras/Sensors and Automatic Power Folding Mirrors.

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