Women Filmed Twerking On Top Of SUV Driving Down The Interstate

What is even going on here. And why would anyone think this is a good idea?

Two women hopped on the roof of a white SUV driving along I_64 in St. Louis when a passanger in a nearby car pulled out her cellphone and recorded the wild ordeal.

Jackie Friedhoff, 30, said traffic was moving at about 10 mph when she spotted the two women, both of whom were “twerking” as the GMC SUV went down the highway. You can see a third woman hanging out of a passenger-side window, capturing the dangerous maneuver on her cellphone.

The SUV did not have a license plate, according to Friedhoof, who did not report the incident to St. Louis police. A St. Louis police spokeswoman said no calls were received in connection to the incident.

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