Woman’s Truck Broken Into 4 Times In 36 Hours, She Scares Away The Last One!

“Get out of my truck right now.” That’s what this woman told the fourth man she found breaking into her vehicle within 36 hours. Michelle Kaplan decided to set up the device in her vehicle after consistent break-ins had her frustrated.

She found out that over the span of 36 hours, four strangers proceeded to break into her vehicle. However, she says ‘It is not about shaming these individuals. It is about the fact people are living a life where they feel this is the only way to get by and that the system needs to change’

Kaplan said they got the work truck this year and since there is an assumption of tools inside, she installed a camera looking to catch people in action. She shared that a sensor picks up motion and then turns on a light to start recording. Next, the device alerts the user on their phone.

She said she, unfortunately, missed the first 3 encounters but the fourth time she was able to catch the thief in action. And the look on his face was priceless.

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