Woman Survives 6 Days In The Woods With ‘Serious Injuries’ After Car Crash

This is a miraculous story all around. A 53-year-old woman survived six days in the woods after her car crashed on Oct. 12, and she was found all thanks to a cow. She lost control of her car while driving on U.S. 60. Her car crashed through the fence on the side of the road, fell 50 feet, and landed in a tree, according to a press release posted by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The car -and woman- remained hanging in the tree.

After six days, on Oct. 18, an Arizona Department of Transportation maintenance crew and rancher were working to “corral a cow” along the highway when they noticed the broken fence. That’s when they found the dangling car and notified the public safety department. Troopers, road maintenance crew members and the rancher searched the car but found it empty. However, they found human tracks leading to a nearby river which led them to a “woman with serious injuries”.

The survivor, who wishes not to be identified in the media, explained that after she lost control of the car, she remained inside it for several days before climbing out. “Once she climbed out, she walked towards the railroad tracks in the area with the hope of being discovered. She never made it because of her weakened physical state,” authorities said. She managed to survive for six days while waiting to be found.

She was treated onsite while waiting to be airlifted to a hospital.