What Milk All Of Your Favorite Indy 500 Drivers Prefer

You know the tradition, the winner of the Indy 500 gets handed a bottle of milk to drink (or pour all over themselves). But did you know that the Indy 500 drivers can even designate their preferred kind of milk before the race? Yup it’s all down to personal preferences. And this is what your favorite driver wants to drink if they win IndyCar’s big race.

If you noticed that buttermilk made the list, it’s not that odd. Buttermilk kicked off the milk-drinking tradition after Louis Meyer had a glass after winning the 1936 Indy 500. Turns out Meyer just really enjoyed a glass on warm days, but the dairy industry took that opportunity as a prime marketing opportunity, and that’s how the tradition was born.

However, now buttermilk isn’t offered as an option anymore so the closest drivers can get is prefer whole milk. What would be your milk of choice?