What Do You Get When You Mix A 4-Wheeler, Guys, And Some Stairs?

This video probably started with the sentence: "Hold my beer". And it's a classic move. Although the guy on the 4-wheeler probably is a bit sore and maybe regrets it a little bit. As soon as the 4-Wheeler starts towards the stairs you can already tell it's gonna end badly. And sure enough he takes a tumble and ends up straight at the bottom of the stairs. Which of course sends all his buddies, and the guy holding his beer, into laughter. Because, lets be real they wouldn't have been filming it if they thought it was going to end well. What would be the fun in that?

Seems like the only one smart enough to have any sense in this video is the dog at the top! Everyone has moments like this, the question is are you dumb (or smart if you want to go viral) enough to have it filmed? Have a moment like this you think we should see? Send it to us! You can check out more awesome fail videos in our PowerNation Daily Fast Fails below. We have everything from Mopar fails to Golf Cart fails! Have a fail you want to see done? Let us know that, too, we're always on the hunt for a good fail video!

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