Volvo Tire Falls Off, Car Keeps Driving Like Nothing Happened

So everyone has heard that Volvo’s are pretty tough cars but are they able to drive on 3 tires? Well this one apparently can!

While driving down the interstate somewhere an older Volvo can be seen driving up ahead. Now driving on the interstate can be full of surprises from time to time since so many people are driving at high speeds and traffic is usually crazy, leaving the door open for wild accidents and all that jazz. However it’s not really everyday you see someones tire just fall off while they’re driving, let alone see a tire fall off while the car just keeps on driving like nothing happened!

As this Volvo is just cruising down the interstate, a little smoke can be seen underneath the back left tire and then suddenly the left tire just falls off, rolling down the interstate. What’s funny though is the Volvo actually just keeps on driving like nothing happened at all, which is just ridiculous and fascinating at the same time! It’s unknown what happened to the Volvo or if the driver eventually realized what happened. Maybe it’s so tough that it’s still driving without a back left tire? Who knows but it’s still a pretty wild sight to see!