Video: A Few Mid-Engine C8 Corvettes Spied Testing In The Snow In California

The all-new 2020 mid-engine Corvette C8 was supposed to be revealed at the Detroit Auto Show, but due to electrical issues, Chevrolet pulled the plug on its appearance. Check out this video of a few of these new Corvettes heavily clad in camouflage testing in the California hills in some snowy weather. The video also shows some close-ups of the exterior while stopped along the way.

According to the YouTube description:

While shooting the third generation Kia Soul outside of San Diego, I got a bonus- a fleet of C8 Corvettes testing in the California hills along with a C7 Vette and Porsche 911. I have provided all of the footage I shot including over a minute of car-to-car footage. This reveals nothing about the upcoming car but gives you a good look at the heavily camouflaged Vette in action.

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