UPDATE: Ford Asks Dealership To End “Shotgun, Beer & Bible” Promotion After Shooting At California Dealership

Last week an Alabama Ford dealership went viral when it was offering a free Bible, an American flag, and shotgun free of charge if you purchase a vehicle. The dealership decided to run the patriotic deal for enthusiastic locals who love the US of A.

However, Chatom Ford general manager Colin Ward told The Detroit Free Press that a Ford representative contacted him and asked him to cancel the promotion out of respect to the victims of Tuesday’s shooting at a California Ford dealership.

Following the request, Chatom Ford took down the advertisement for the promotion from its Facebook page and replaced it with a new one proclaiming “It’s back on!” This time offering a “God and Glory” deal that includes an American flag, a Bible and a $200 gift certificate “to use wherever you want for whatever you want. It’s your right,” Ward says in the clip.

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