Truck Tech’s LT Plays Trivia On Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show

You may have been making that commute to work and listening to the nationally-aired Free Beer & Hot Wings morning show. Maybe you’re guessing along to their Dumber Than The Show Trivia segment where callers play Hot Wings in hopes of winning some cash. If they don’t win, the pot goes up another $100 for the next day. Let’s face it, if you listened to the show, Hot Wings is usually on point. There are five questions and whoever guesses the most correctly wins, and in the event of a tie, the winner is determined by time. Our own Truck Tech’s Lawrence “LT” Tolman was able to make it through the phone lines this week on his way into the office to take on Hot Wings for some trivia and $300! Watch the video to find out how he does in Dumber Than The Show Trivia.

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