Truck Crashes Directly Into A Bus! CRAZY!

It should be noted that everyone managed to survive this insane accident.

This is one of the craziest crash videos out there because of so many different reasons. First, it starts off on a public transportation bus and what’s on a public transportation bus? A lot of people! So this automatically makes this crash a lot more intense because these people aren’t wearing any seat belts or anything.

The video starts off where people are just sitting on the bus like any other day, except suddenly the woman sitting on the right side sees a speeding truck heading DIRECTLY towards them! This startles the man sitting in front of her and as he begins to run out of his seat, the truck SMASHES into the bus at full speed! Apparently what happened was a person driving a pickup truck on the interstate, swerved to the left lane to avoid stopped traffic and somehow went off the road. One of the other many reasons this is a super intense video is the speed that the truck was going. Obviously driving on the interstate the truck was going pretty fast and if the driver suddenly ran off the road, they were going interstate speeds when they hit the bus. Insane!