Traffic Was So Bad, Passengers Got Out And Walked To LaGuardia Airport

It’s a common practice to factor in extra travel time for traffic and transportation when heading to the airport. Especially if you’re going to a major airport like LaGuardia. But when it’s faster to get out of the car and physically walk to the airport? That’s insane.

That’s what passengers flying out of LaGuardia resorted to after Port Authority shut down Terminals C and D to all traffic except for buses.

People were filming the crowds that were walking down the road, suitcases in tow, and posting to social media. It’s reported by ABC 7 that the closures were all due to a combination of weather, construction, and the third busiest travel day in LaGuardia’s history. Over 300 flights were canceled due to weather. Mix that with it being peak summer travel season and the start of a weekend, and that leads to more people heading to the airport than usual. Top it off with rerouted traffic patterns and it’s a recipe for disaster.

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