This Futuristic Retractable Door Is An Awesome Idea!

Lately there have been a lot of cool concept cars unveiled and a lot of them have been pretty creative! A lot of these cars have unique, futuristic features that some may call gimmicks but it depends who you ask! Well a lot of these cars, especially Tesla, have unique doors that open and close in awesome ways!

A lot of doors on concept cars open in unusual ways to help avoid the door from hitting other cars when opening in tight parking spaces. However, this person who did this DIY car door to their car might have a better idea! As you can tell from the video, the door completely retracts! That’s awesome! The video starts off with the window being rolled down but after the window rolls down, the entire door folds down inside the car. Talk about futuristic! This also would enable a driver to open up their door in a tight parking space without the fear of hitting anyone else’s car.

This definitely could be used in future vehicles because it’s not only cool but also pretty practical. More space to get inside a vehicle is always great! What do you think about this awesomeness? Let us know in the comments!