This 1977 Bronco Pulled Down Some Serious Bucks at Auction

1977 Ford Bronco | Barrett Jackson

Ever since Ford announced they’d be reviving the cult-favorite Bronco, it has put the automotive world in a feeding frenzy. Even with news that production would be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, people continued lining up to purchase the popular SUV. Unfortunately, we recently found out the Bronco will be sold out for years due to popular demand. So what’s the next best option? Used Bronco’s, of course.

Kevin Hart chose a great time to run his 1977 Ford Bronco down the auction block as popularity continues to surge. The numbers don’t lie – people want a Bronco, even if it means coughing up $139,700. To be fair, it’s a custom Bronco owned by a celebrity, but still, that’s a steep price to pay when you could build your own for much less. Either way, the new owner is walking away with quite the off-road vehicle.

Hart admits he never took the pavement princess off-roading, so hopefully, the new owner will put it through its paces. It’ll do just fine with its updated 5.0L fuel-injected 302 V8 with a GT40 upper and lower intake manifold, paired with a three-speed automatic transmission and Dana twin-stick transfer case. With these upgrades, we’d have no issue dragging it through the mud. After all, it’s a Bronco.

1977 Ford Bronco | Barrett Jackson

Its menacing stance is due to its highly modified suspension package that includes a lift kit, 35-inch tires, coil-over shocks with red springs, and a custom rear swing-away carrier. It handles like a dream with power steering, tilt column, new bushings, and stops on a dime with its Wilwood brakes.

The ’77 Bronco has a slick interior to match with custom reclining front bucket seats, door panels, backbench, and dash and roll bar pads that are professionally upholstered in black leather accented with red stitching. It has a body-matching roll cage and 3-point seatbelts for safety.

Needless to say, the Bronco is loaded, and certainly worth a lot of money with the upgrades. However, due to its celebrity owner, we’re sure that’s what boosted the price into the six-figure neighborhood. Either way, it’s an exceptional Bronco that will continue carrying the legacy and bring its new owner joy. Hopefully, it sees the trails and doesn’t sit in a garage collecting dust.

1977 Ford Bronco | Barrett Jackson

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