The Strongest Bass In The World – SUPER Loud!

Everyone wants a decent sound system in their car because you want your music to sound good right? It’s been a thing for decades to do some pretty intense upgrades when it comes to automotive sound systems. Some of these modifications can include having some really crazy subwoofers and other bass intensifying accessories. Having more bass can really bring out music to a whole new level that sometimes gets ridiculously loud.

In this video, we see a MASSIVE setup with a ton of different speakers in a vertical structure out on the street at an event. Now with a setup like this, you’d expect this to hold some kind of world record and apparently it does. The video description has described this setup as the STRONGEST bass in the world! If you’ve ever felt the power from a strong bass system in a car, you could only imagine how it feels to stand next to this wild setup. In the video you see peoples hair literally blow backwards due to the intense sound waves from the crazy loud bass! Who wouldn’t want this in their car? Not sure how that would be possible but it’s still funny to think about!