The California Highway Patrol Has Officially Retires All Crown Vics From Its Fleet

The iconic Crown Vic police cars are no more. At least in the California Highway Patrol’s fleet. In a Facebook post yesterday, the department announced the vehicles that have been used since 1984 are officially retired. The post reads:

Today at 5PM the California Highway Patrol will be officially retiring the iconic Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. CHP “Crown Vics” have been patrolling California’s roadways since 1984. Thank you for assisting the California Highway Patrol in providing the highest level of Safety, Service, and Security to the people of California.

Police departments across the country have been upgrading their vehicles over the last decade or so. You see everything from Ford Explorers to even Mustangs being use now. As iconic as the Crown Vics might be, the new patrol vehicles being used over performance and technology the Vics just don’t have.

As far as we’re concerned though, just because the Crown Vics are older doesn’t mean they can’t go fast. Check out our very own Crown Vic project on Detroit Muscle to see what we mean!

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