Texas Police Department Uses Money From Speeding Tickets To Buy 2020 Mustang

Riverside Police Facebook/The Drive

The Pasadena Police Department (in Houston, not California) is adding a Mustang to its fleet soon.

The white 2020 Mustang the department has its eye on is going to set them back about $49,275.82. You would think a public service department wouldn’t have the budget for that. However, this pony car is being paid for in part by funds gathered from speeding tickets, according to the Houston Chronical.

While the car likely won’t be a 730-horsepower Saleen Mustang police interceptor but a Mustang GT, it sure is a step up from the Crown Vics or Ford Explorers other departments across the country have.

“The money that is going to pay for this comes from the child safety fund, which is generated through speeding tickets and things like that,” said City Councilman Phil Cayten.

The City Council hopes that by approving the expenditure it will improve police officers’ relationship with the general public, especially young people.

Police Chief Josh Bruegger has said that the car will primarily be used as an outreach vehicle such as for visiting schools or appearing in parades. Before it enters service, the Mustang will be decorated in a special livery – a patriotic look with American flags and it will be red, white, and blue. Hopefully, Pasadena residents won’t have the same issue with the patriotic patrol cars like the people of Laguna Beach, CA did.

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