UPDATE: California Town Police Keeping Patrol Cars With Flag On Them

Earlier this week there was a debate going on in Laguna Beach, CA. The local law enforcement added an American flag design to a handful of freshly painted police cars but some residents were unhappy. According to the Los Angeles Times, some residents felt the flag design was too aggressive while others were shocked that anyone would object to the flag.

Turns out, the Laguna Beach City Council voted 4-1 to keep the American flag design on the city’s police vehicles after dozens of Laguna Beach residents lined up in support.

The Laguna Beach City Council initially approved the American flag lettering for its police department. But after some accused the department of being too aggressive, the council voted again.

For those asking who could be against the flag, George Weiss, a retired Marine, was one who opposed the red, white and blue lettering. Not because he’s against the American flag, but because he respects it. He says it’s disrespectful to the American flag and goes against the federal guidelines that determine how it should be displayed.

The Laguna Beach police say that they got hundreds of emails from all across the country supporting the lettering.

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