So Much For Having Automatic Doors…Tesla Model X Door Ripped Off By Passing Truck

We now live in a world where everything is automatic in the name of convenience. It’s understandable to make a lot of things automatic that are normally a hassle to do and just take too much time. However, not everything REALLY needs to be automatic and sometimes some of these automatic features are more of a gimmick that an actual necessity. Although automatic opening doors are a cool idea, it seems to pose a problem in real world situations while parked on a busy street with heavy traffic.

Normally, without automatic technology, if one were to open their car door they would wait to see if any cars are coming to make sure the coast is clear before doing so. However, with automatic doors as seen in this video, it looks like there aren’t any sensors on the car to detect if any passing cars are coming before opening the doors. As you can tell from the video, the doors automatically opened, then a passing truck literally just ripped off one of the doors causing a wild accident! It’s definitely a technology fail but fortunately, this type of feature can be turned off if the owner desires to. What do you think about it?