Slow Motion Engine, Algae Diesel Fuel, Tire Surprise, GM Warranty, And Turbo Jet Scooter

Today on PND…
• Check Out An Internal Combustion At Work In Slow Motion
• Algae Could Soon Be Used To Make Diesel Fuel
• A Guy Gets A Surprise While Filling His Tires
• GM Is Now Offering Its Own Extended Warranty
• And A Scooter You’d Actually Want To Own

Slow Motion Engine This cool see-through engine lets you watch Internal Combustion. YouTube channel, Warped Perception, filmed in slow motion so you can clearly see all 4 steps. And this engine is actually fueled by Isopropyl alcohol, not gas!

Step 1: intake valve opening, lets air and fuel in while piston moves down
Step 2: piston moves up & compresses fuel
Step 3: fuel is ignited, and force pushes piston back down
Step 4: pistons move back up forcing exhaust out

Algae Diesel
Making eco-friendly diesel fuel from renewable resources isn’t a new thing. But researchers at the University of Michigan think they have a new source that will save time, money, and the environment. Both corn and soybeans have been used in the past but the problem with those are that the more that’s used for fuel, the less there is for people to eat. Also, those items have to be grown and can only grow it certain places which takes a considerable amount of time and money. Whereas algae can be grown almost anywhere in a barrel which makes it cheaper and faster/easier to grow. The only reason it hasn’t been used is that the method hasn’t yet been figured out. The ultimate goal is to create fuel that runs better than standard diesel while producing less pollution and CO2.

Tire Explosion: Caption This!
Caption this! This is a PSA for everyone out there…use a gauge and make sure you keep up tire maintenance. A guy was filling the tires on his Ford Focus at a gas station in Maryland when all of a sudden the tire explodes. And not just a tiny pop. This explosion sent the entire front fender flying, it was actually later found in a tree branch about 25 feet above the gas station! Luckily nobody was hurt, but guessing he won’t be filling tires without check the pressure any time soon.

GM Extended Warranty
General Motors will now offer an extended bumper-to-bumper limited warranty that will essentially add factory-supported coverage for all its brands. You now won’t have to add a separate contract to get the extended warranty after a new-vehicle warranty expires. Basically, it’s an extension of original coverage, but automatic so you don’t have to worry about it. For example, you can extend a 3 year/36,000-mile to 5 year/60,000 mile. And the best par its, it isn’t person specific so if you sell, next owner can continue it!

Jet Powered Scooter
Scooters aren’t most gearhead’s first choice of transportation. But what if it was this turbojet-powered scooter? Colin Furze is a master at creating wild machines and his latest is a scooter with a front assembly taken from a BMX bike, a home-built frame, a rotary knob for a throttle, and a turbocharger lit from a leaf blower. We don’t know about you but we’d take one!

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