Wanted Man Leads Police in a Super-Slow Pursuit while Driving an Excavator

No intense speed chase sequences. No explosions. No destruction. No heart-pounding soundtrack. In fact, there weren’t any police squad cars involved in this chase. Instead, police simply had to literally walk up to a wanted man who gradually drove away from officers in an excavator.

39-year-old Jesse Shaw was arrested by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office for the theft of a car, as well as three existing warrants for him on drug and parole violation charges.

According to authorities, Shaw had been driving his excavator and ignored commands to stop the vehicle. Instead, he kept driving. “Shaw drove the excavator over half a mile with deputies following on foot until he stopped,” deputies posted on Twitter along with a video of the “chase”.

Sgt. Danny DiPietro told news outlets that it was the “world’s slowest pursuit.”

As a result, Shaw was additionally charged with eluding the police.

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