Several Michigan Groups Offering Free Auto Repairs to Help Avoid Police Stops

Being pulled over should be avoided whenever possible, whether it be for speeding or a broken tail light or expired plates. While the speeding and registration are up to the driver, these Michigan groups are stepping in to try and keep drivers on the road and away from unnecessary traffic stops. The groups are also offering fluid top-offs and tire repairs.

The groups including Peace House Ypsilanti, the Huron Valley Democratic Socialists of America, and the Mutual Aid Network (MANY) of Ypsilanti, based in Ypsilanti, Michigan, near Ann Arbor, are starting a series of Pull Over Prevention (POP) clinics that offer free minor automotive repairs. The groups say their work is “an easy way to prevent police interactions” and that it is “prioritizing minorities for this event as a way to mitigate that harm and promote equity.”

The clinics are completely volunteer-based and donations are not required nor encouraged. The groups stated on Facebook that they have raised enough money to support more clinics in the future.

Aside from money raised, Auto Value, a small local repair shop, offered discounted items and donated supplies to the clinic. MANY co-director, Amanda Mayer has said she hopes to continue the clinics.

“Being pulled over is one of the most dangerous experiences for minorities in America,” Mayer said, adding: “This act of solidarity is a minor gesture in the larger scheme of standing up against police brutality and systemic racism.”

The first POP clinic is scheduled to take place on September 26, and will take place in Parkridge Park. The location is convenient however it will limit the groups’ ability to do in-depth work and organizers admit that “some makes and models are too difficult to do within our time frame.” In addition to vehicle maintenance, the POP clinics will also offer childcare, snacks, and literature on community resources.

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