ROAD RAGE: Angry Biker Kicks Car On Interstate – Causes Massive Crash!

This is one of the worst cases of road rage we’ve ever seen! Wow!

Driving on the interstate, especially in busier cities, is a pretty stressful situation to be in. In the morning or rush hour, people are speeding and angry because they’ve usually gotta be somewhere. If someone has to be at work or trying to get home on time, a lot of traffic just makes someone way more stressed out. This type of scenario has a high likelihood that a road rage incident may happen.

In this insane case of road rage, things took a drastic turn after a biker lost his cool and kicked another car on the interstate. It’s not clear what was going on before the incident took place but all that is seen on the video is that the biker kicks the side of a car, which then makes the car swerve towards the biker but misses and crashes into the wall instead. This then causes the car to lose complete control, over correct and PLOWS INTO a truck causing the truck to flip! The biker then just drives away! This is absolutely insane! One of the worst road rage videos ever. What do you think about this?!