Rare Ford Falcon That Sat For 30 Years In Chicken Coop Just Sold For $215,000

It’s not uncommon for an uncovered “barn find” type vehicle to go for a lot of money. But for a car to sell for over $200,000 is impressive. And this Ford Falcon XA GT Hard Top RPO 83 nicknamed “Chicken Coupe” has recently sold for as USD equivalent of $215,000.

After sitting in a chicken coop for the last 32 years, this Ford Falcon has been rescued and sold off to a new home. What makes this car so rare is that it is one of just three finished in the shade of orange called McRobertsons Old Gold. And while here in the States we may not be familiar with the car, in Australia it has a claim to fame for being “the Chicken Coupé” since nobody could buy the car from the first owner, who parked it and left it to rust after finding out they couldn’t afford the insurance back in 1988.

Now though, however, the original owner has passed which leaves the RPO 83 hardtop found a new caretaker who decided to sell. The car went up for auction and ended up going for a staggering $300,909 Australian dollars or $215,000 USD.

The ’73 Falcon GT RPO 83 hardtop came with a 351-cubic-inch V8 and all the top of the line features. The big question is, will the new owner restore it or keep it as is?

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