Range Rover Tries To J-Turn but Rolls Over In His Own Driveway

This is embarrassing!

This video starts off with an outside camera view of the drivers driveway. You see the black Range Ranger drive down the street to gain some momentum. After a few seconds pass, this is when the Range Rover comes back into view and he’s going fast! Except this time the Range Rover is driving backwards at full speed!

In attempt to perform a J-Turn, the Range squeals the tires and begins to turn. This is when things go completely wrong! The Range loses control and backs into the drivers own driveway. It then FLIPS over completely before crashing back down landing on its wheels. All kinds of stuff crashed through the back windshield as the Range flipped. This is definitely a really big fail!

Fortunately the driver was not injured during this failed stunt but regardless, he was attempting to perform a stunt in a residential area which was not a safe idea to begin with. The driver probably won’t try performing a J-Turn ever again. What do you think about this failed stunt attempt? Do you have any thoughts or opinions on what exactly went wrong? Let us know in the comments what you think about this!