Expert Tow Truck Driver Repos Car From Guy Who Attempted to Block It In Their Driveway

When you fall behind on your car payments, you are putting your vehicle at risk of being repossessed. Once that happens, tow truck companies will receive an order to come and take it away.

Some people attempt to prevent this by hiding their vehicle, or in the case below, boxing it in the driveway by using another car to block the tow truck. Unfortunately for the owner of this Honda Odyssey, they were not prepared for this expert tow truck operator.

Intent to retrieve this Honda, the tow truck driver is seen backing into the driveway via the sidewalk. This move alone is a clear sign of his determination. Next, the driver lowers and positions the wheel lift under the Odyssey’s rear axle, and proceeds to lift it into the air.

Now comes the tricky part: lifting the van out of the driveway without damaging the other vehicle. By carefully raising the Odyssey over and around the other car, the tow truck driver is able to successfully remove the van from the property without touching the other vehicle at all. Apparently, the only damage done was to the former owner’s pride, who is seen near the end of the video recording the event on his smartphone.

The moral of the story is, to make your car payments. Because if you don’t, and you try to stop the tow truck driver from doing his job, your tomfoolery may wind up on the internet.

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