Police Give Warning To The Public After Stopping Woman Driving 115 mph In Snow

Driving recklessly is a bad idea even in the best of weather conditions. But with the Arctic Freeze Chicago is currently experiencing, their road conditions are less than ideal while even the snow plows are struggling. But one woman didn’t let the dangerous weather slow her down. She was arrested after driving 115 mph in a 35 mph zone…on snowy roads.

The Illinois State Police posted a photo on its Facebook page Monday morning of the citation given to the woman. They also included a general warning to other drivers.

“If you think we don’t patrol in town, you’re mistaken,” the Facebook post read. “And if you think you won’t get in a bad crash in town because the speed limits are low and you’re a good driver, think again. Just remember there are people like this driving next to you.”

The police noted that the woman was arrested and jailed for the incident. Illinois’s speeding laws state the driver is likely facing a class A misdemeanor charge, with a penalty of up to one year in jail and a maximum of $2,500 in fines.

The post got quite a response and had several people giving their opinion in the comment section, even starting the hashtag #ThatsGoToJailSpeed. Most people were on the police officer’s side and outraged at the woman’s behavior.

One person wrote, “Thank you for taking this extremely reckless person off the streets and I hope the judiciary in your State takes this as serious as it should be taken. People who drive like this should have their driving privilege permanently revoked with no exceptions”.

Another commented, “She’s lucky to have been stopped before something terrible happened. You most likely saved her life last night”.

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