Parallel Parking Shouldn’t Be This Hard

Why we still willingly watch things that frustrate us to the degree that your blood pressure gets so high is unknown but this is another one we just couldn’t pass up. This one is a person trying to parallel park their Honda Accord into a spot with more than enough space for a car that size.

And to think it takes four and a half minutes before this driver gives up. How they lasted that long is beyond us.

What’s especially maddening is the guy that comes out to remove whatever that is by the car’s tire, thinking that that’s what has to be the cause of the trouble. If only it were just that can, this video wouldn’t be so frustrating.

It’s so slow and deliberate and yet so wrong that it is most definitely painful to watch. And what’s worse it that the guy who sent this in to Jalopnik supposedly also included a video of another person just zipping into the spot with no problem right after this. But is adding that in here necessary to show that because, come on, that spot is huge and shouldn’t be that much of a challenge. Hey, we all have stuff we’re not good at…right?