You Can’t Park There: How This Ford Mustang Got Perfectly Lodged Into The Side of a House

While it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to hear about a hot-headed driver who lost control of a Ford Mustang, it is not very often when the aftermath is sort of impressive. This is evident by the news of a sixth-gen Ford Mustang that was found perfectly wedged into the side of a house in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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How Did A Ford Mustang Get Stuck In The Side of a House?

According to a Facebook post by the Indianapolis Fire Department, on January 5th at approximately 1 pm, firefighters responded to the scene of the car lodged into the house with the driver of the Mustang still inside. Despite the driver being able to exit the vehicle on his own, he was transported to the local hospital. Investigators are still analyzing the incident to understand how and why the Ford Mustang left the road and went airborne into the house.

According to the Indianapolis Fire Department, the Ford Mustang appears to be the only vehicle involved in this incident. Scuff marks on the embankment suggest the direction of the Mustang’s path, as well as the consistent speed it was going for half the car to perfectly lodge itself into the building.

While it is assumed that there are residents living in the building, no injuries were reported. The only damage so far has been the giant hole in the side of the house three feet off the ground, as well as the driver’s pride. From what the images tell us, it seems that the Mustang is also out of commission for the time being.

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