Oversize Load Fail

We have all seen oversize load trucks going down the road from time to time. When carrying something that large, we imagine there being some pretty tough safety standards like height restrictions and other rules. The driver in this video however, obviously forgot to do something because whatever he was carrying on the back of his truck was just a little too tall.

We see the truck begin to make its way down a small road before coming up on some train tracks. Suddenly the load in the back of the truck clips the train track crossing beams and they completely just crumble and fall to pieces. Not sure what’s more concerning, the fact the driver had an oversized load that wasn’t up to standards or that those metal beams looked to be so flimsily put together?

Oversize loads seem like they’d be the most important type of loads to make sure everything is safe because…well, they’re oversized and if something happens, it could potentially cause a dangerous situation. What do you think of this fail? What should the trucker have done different? Let us know what you think in the comments! Stay tuned for more cool videos on PowerNationTV.com.