New Program Hopes To Encourage Girls To Get Into The Auto Mechanic Industry

A new program is being rolled out by Girls Inc. and it brought young girls to a body shop in Knoxville to learn about mechanics.

“There are only 2% of females in the entire auto mechanic industry, so we’re introducing girls to something they normally wouldn’t be exposed to,” said Alanna Kosier, Girls Inc. programs director.

A dozen girls had the opportunity to hear about the inner workings of automobiles from a mechanic at Grayson Subaru. The girls learned about everything from oil changes to electrical innovations.

The goal of the program is to show girls that they are strong, confident and capable on their own. After this program, the girls will come back for a second visit to learn about buying and selling cars.

Organizers hope the project will one day stretch nation-wide. For now, the next two planned visits will take place in Knoxville and Harriman, Tennessee.