New Jersey Traffic Came To A Stop For What Was Thought To Be A UFO

Traffic stops for lots of reasons. Accidents, weather, construction, you name it. But UFO? That one typically isn’t on the list of common occurrences although it would be pretty cool. Unfortunately for these New Jersey residents, they didn’t see what they think they saw.

What everyone saw and freaked out over thinking it was extraterrestrial life was actually the iconic Goodyear blimp which was hovering over the New York Giants vs. Pittsburgh Steelers football game at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium Monday night.

People took to social media to post videos of the “UFO” they saw hovering over part of New Jersey that seemed to be glowing. Many people had even pulled over onto the side of the highway to try and catch a glimpse of what they thought was a supernatural sighting.

It may sound ridiculous now knowing what it actually was but honestly, with the way 2020 is going, who can really blame these people for thinking it may be a UFO?

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