New Hampshire DMV Wants To Take Back Mom’s Vanity Plate After 15 Years

Wendy Auger has had the same custom vanity license plate on her car for the last 15 years. And someone at the New Hampshire DMV just picked up on the witty phrase and Auger is now being asked to surrender the plate.

The plate reads PB4WEGO, or “Pee Before We Go”, a common parental phrase but apparently offensive to the state of New Hampshire. Auger is fighting it and filing an appeal for the recall because she believes it’s a free speech issue.

When the DMV was asked why the plate was being recalled by SeaCoast Online, a spokesperson said plates must be rejected “when they do not conform to legal requirements” within the administrative rules set by the state Legislature.

We have to guess that few, if any, people out on the roads are actually offended by this vanity plate. However, apparently the New Hampshire DMV views the case as a good allocation of time and resources.

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