NASCAR Team Owner Richard Childress Auctioning Off Dale Earnhardt No. 3 Race Car For Covid-19 Relief

In an effort to support COVID-19 relief programs, NASCAR team owner Richard Childress will be auctioning off more than 50 years’ worth of racing items, including Dale Earnhardt’s #3 car. It’s reported that if sold, this would be the first time Childress parted with an Earnhardt car.

As of now, it’s unclear which exact car that will be up for grabs. But RCR officials have said the No. 3 car will come complete with the engine intact.

Aside from the car itself, other items being auctioned range from seat cushions to action figures and toy cars. All proceeds will go toward COVID-19 efforts like Feeding America.

Childress signed Earnhardt in 1984 and they were close friends ever since.

In a Tweet, Childress said “I’ve got memories of every one of these cars, but I know the suffering that’s going on. It’s a small sacrifice on my part to part with one of these cars.”

You can view the entire collection here.

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