Mountain Collapses In Malibu, Almost Demolishing Parked Cars

You hear about mud slides, earthquakes and other things like that in California often. With frequent tremors and earthquakes, mountains can begin to become pretty unsteady which can lead to crazy situations like this. In scenario’s like this, danger is not only present for the people nearby but also potentially having significant damage to ones car. This definitely would cause a headache for anyone who just had their car demolished by a collapsing mountain!

In this video, in a parking lot in Malibu, a man is recording the side of a mountain in which you can see small pieces of dirt falling. Apparently this mountain had been slowly collapsing for up to an hour before the video began. Something bad was about to happen, that’s why this guy was recording this because he knew this mountain was about to come down! The bad thing is that lots of cars were parked below where the dirt was falling, so if this mountain came down, cars would be destroyed!

Eventually a massive large chunk of dirt collapses and it looks like the worse is happening but thankfully it stopped before it fell onto any of the cars below. Talk about a close call!