Mechanic Demolishes Customer’s Toyota Supra While Out on a Test Drive

After working on a car, most garages will take it out on a test drive to make sure everything is running smoothly before returning it to the customer. But there is a fine line between where a test drive ends, and a joy ride begins.

In Englewood, CO, one mechanic found out the hard way when he decided to take a customer’s 1997 Toyota Supra Turbo out for a test drive, and why he shouldn’t play around with other people’s toys. In a video posted to the Idiots In Cars subreddit, we see the driver recklessly open the throttle while changing lanes before losing control. It then plows through a concrete barrier and proceeds to violently roll into a nearby train yard.

Witnesses claim that the driver of the Toyota was ejected from the vehicle upon the accident. According to the Englewood Police Department, the driver was taken to a local hospital.

Colorado car groups believed that the garage employing the driver was the local performance shop “Bespoke Motorsports” after a now-deleted Instagram photo matched the description of the now-totaled Toyota.

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