Man Risks Life To Save American Flag From Busy Interstate

James Deely is as Patriotic as they come. That’s why he stopped and turned around on Route 24 when he spotted an American flag in the middle of the road, traffic trampling over it.

Deely told news channel WBZ that he was trying to set an example for his young son Lincoln.

“Show him right from wrong,” he said, “and make sure he understands what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.”

After driving down to the next exit still thinking about the flag, he turned around and returned to the spot where he spotted the flag. He got out of the car and made his way through traffic to pick it up. He actually received positive responses from people passing by.

“I picked the flag up and got a lot of passersby waving, giving me the thumbs-up, and honking the horn,” Deely said.

He took to social media to locate the owner, thinking the flag fell off a truck of bike but hasn’t been able to find them.

Until then, he’s trying to find a respectful place for the flag in his home, where the story behind it might one day be a lesson for son.

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