Man Bought Model T Pickup Truck For $47.50 At 17, Still Driving It At 87

This man and his truck are proof things last if you take care of them. Randall Pitman is driving a truck that’s older than he is at the age of 87. Pitman’s 1927 Ford Model T still has a lot of mileage left in it, though. The Model T has been with him for 70 years after Pitman pumped gas part time, earning 10 cents an hour until he’d saved up $50 to buy it at age 17.

So in 1949 he brought his savings down to the auction house in 1949 and purchased the Model T. He remembers, “Eventually, I bid $45 and the auctioneer, as auctioneers do, kept saying, ‘Forty-five! Who will give me 50? I stupidly said ‘Forty-seven fifty,’ and he said ‘Sold!'”

The Model T isn’t his only vintage vehicle. Pitman bought another 1927 Ford Model T, a coupe, in the 1960s and has been restoring it alongside his truck for the last seven years.

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