Kid Thinks He Got Cereal For His 16th Birthday, Gets Surprise Truck Instead

Some kids are lucky enough to get a car for their 16th birthday. And this kid got VERY lucky and got a truck – and a nice one at that. For most kids just having the freedom to go where they want without having to ask mom or dad for a ride is the main objective. But it doesn’t hurt if you’re able to do it in a nice ride. And this kid got the surprise of a lifetime for his 16th birthday.

His parents handed him a bag full of some uneventful gifts, candy and some other snacks with a wrapped box. It was a box of cereal with a South Park DVD in it. And the cool thing about this video is that the kid seemed to be genuinely happy with the cereal and isn’t some spoiled brat. But after reading it says “prize inside” he realizes there’s more.

After digging through the cereal he finds a wrapped key fob. After hitting the horn button he finds out the fob is to a white Dodge Ram parked a few spaces down and is clearly overwhelmed with surprise and excitement. Good job mom and dad!

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