Kid Panics After Launching Dad’s Mustang Shelby GT350R Into Garage Wall

My friend sent me this of his buddy starting daddy’s manual mustang lol

Posted by Christian Angelo Cioroiu on Thursday, January 9, 2020
*Warning: Minor language in video

We don’t blame him. Ouch.

This guy is gonna have a tough time explaining to his dad what happened to the Mustang Shelby GT350R’s front end. Well, he could just show him this video his buddies were nice enough to take for him.

The video got uploaded to Facebook and shows the Mustang, driver door open, and the kid starting it up. We’re not sure if he wasn’t sure how to drive a manual or didn’t know the car was a manual at all but you can hear a chime like he’s trying to start it without stepping on the clutch. When all of a sudden, the car starts but then instantly lurches forward right into the metal wall before you can hear the front end crunch.

It seems as if maybe whoever drove it last left the car in gear and this kid forgot or didn’t realize you need to pop it back into neutral after starting it and letting off the clutch.

His reaction is pretty great, realizing what he’d just done. He jumps out of the car and has a minor meltdown yelling, “I’m dead, I’m dead, I’m f**king dead!”

While there’s a twinge of sympathy for him, in all reality there was probably pretty minimal damage done to the car. Hopefully, dad won’t go too hard on him and call it a lesson learned.

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