Is Your State One Of The Biggest Fans of Four-Wheel-Drive?

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You may be surprised which states come out on top when it comes to residents being the biggest 4WD fans.

Automotive market research company, iSeeCars, did an analysis of the 11 million vehicles registered across the U.S. in hopes of figuring out where AWD/4WD are most popular. Below is the ranking, by percentage, of registered all-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive vehicles:

1. Montana (71.8%)
2. Alaska (70.9%)
3. Wyoming (70.1%)
4. North Dakota (67.8%)
5. Vermont (67.8%)
6. South Dakota (66.1%)
7. West Virginia (65.7%)
8. Maine (65.7%)
9. Colorado (64.7%)
10. Idaho (63.4%)

If you think about it, these states make sense with the types of terrain typically found and weather throughout the year. But it’s interesting to note that no Southern states even made the list.

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