How Many Things Can You Tow Before You Get Pulled Over?

Is there a limit to how many things can be towed while driving? Yes, you can’t tow a trailer that’s towing something else, according to the CHP. They posted a picture of a driver they pulled over who was towing an SUV that was then towing a trailer. The original post reads:

“We would like to thank the multiple truck drivers who called in this vehicle on I-80 in Placer County. Our commercial unit sergeant located the vehicle near Penryn driving at 30 mph and impeding traffic on the highway. The driver of an SUV towing a travel trailer across several states to Sacramento broke down in Nevada. A friend rented a truck and was attempted to tow the SUV and trailer together while the SUV was on a small car trailer attached to the rental truck. The only thing holding the SUV to the car trailer (pictured) were straps on the front tires. The driver was also not licensed in the proper class to tow in this combination.”

While the creativity and even the execution has to be admired, the safety aspect was lacking a little.

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