Hennessey’s Maximus 1000 Is The Ultimate Jeep Gladiator

Photos Courtesy of Hennessey

Texas-based Hennessey Performance is back at it! They have created the ultimate Jeep Gladiator – the MAXIMUS 1000. Essentially, they’ve taken the new Jeep Gladiator truck and installed the 6.2L supercharged V8 Hellcat engine and turned the power up.

“We wanted to create the ultimate Jeep Gladiator,” said company founder and chief horsepower evangelist, John Hennessey. “MAXIMUS 1000 – the name says exactly what it is: Badassery on 4-wheels.”

Production of the Maximus 1000 is very exclusive and limited to only 24 units. The complete cost is $200,000 which includes the base Jeep Gladiator truck. Production begins in July and build time for each vehicle will be approximately four months. The company plans to build two units per month.

“Our clients want exclusive, extreme vehicles that deliver a fun and exciting driving experience both on and off-road,” said Hennessey. “Win the crowd and you’ll win your freedom was the advice that the elder gladiator gave to Russell Crow in the Gladiator movie. We could not agree more!”

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