Harley Davidson Confirms Its Electric Model

Harley’s been rumored to have an electric motorcycle for years now. They even have the prototype, Livewire that was supposed to head into production but details were never released. But now, according to Autoblog, Harley Davidson has plans for 100 new motorcycles over the next 10 years, with an electric bike being one of them.

The key to Harley’s electric bike is the sound. Because what’s better sounding than a gas-powered Harley pulling up next to you on the street? And Harley-Davidson Museum President and great-grandson of founder William Davidson, Bill Davidson says the company understands that sound is a key factor and that they don’t want a “normal sounding” electric motorcycle like the ones their competitors are putting on the market. Davidson also makes note of the potential rise in sales for the company as autonomous vehicles become more popular, although not for the reason you think. He believes that the autonomous technology won’t necessarily creep into the motorcycle industry but people that want to steer clear of autonomous vehicles may head over to the motorcycle market.

There’s no defined timeline but Davidson says the bike will be launched and is progressing well. What do you think about Harley Davidson going electric? Would you still buy one?