Google Maps Lands Dozens Of Denver Airport Drivers Stuck In Empty Field

Even technology is wrong sometimes, Google Maps was an example of that this past weekend. Drivers in Denver who were using Google Maps to get to the city’s airport last weekend after attempting to avoid a traffic jam were sent on a detour that took them down a narrow, muddy dirt road.

Connie Monsees told news station KMGH-TV that there were about 100 cars on Sunday lined up on the road after following the same directions. She says some cars got stuck behind others that couldn’t move and that other vehicles couldn’t make it across the ditches. Luckily, Monsees was able to use her all-wheel drive vehicle to help strangers get to the airport.

Google reported that it works to provide the best directions but that issues can arise due to factors such as weather and it encourages drivers be attentive and use their best judgment.

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